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While Wookie Jedi are not unheard of they should be very rare. The reasoning behind this is the fact that Wookies have a lifespan of around 400 years. This means force sensitive Wookies will be born in much larger intervals than shorter-lived races. You could probably expect a new force sensitive wookie every 1,000 years or so.

George Lucas has declared no more Wookie Jedi will be created for the Expanded Universe. This leaves Tyvokka[1], Kirlocca[2] and Lowbacca[3] as the only official Wookie Jedi in the Star Wars Universe. Horororibb[4] has been speculated to be a Jedi as well due to the spelling of the name, but its not official. The Wookies have most likely been limited due to overuse. (three in about a 50 year period)

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