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No she doesn't. That is weird I have never thought about that, she has that thing on her head that is part of her spieces' anatomy. Although it is likely that she uses some other part of her anatomy (as weird as it may sound) to hear.

Thats leads to the question How does Vader Hear? How do femal Twi'leks hear? How does chewbacca hear? How does Jabba the hutt hear? How does Cad bane hear? How does Nute Gunray hear? How does greivous hear? None of them have visible ears. But that doesn't mean they can't hear anything

Not all animals have visible ears, but it doesn't mean they can't hear. Can you think of a bird or a reptile in the real world with visible ears? For the most part, bird's ears are hidden by their feathers, but they actually have excellent hearing.

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