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Luke Skywalker is a charachter in the scifi movieserie - Star Wars. He is played by Mark Hamill.

History for Luke Skywalker

Luke was taken to the sandplanet Tatooine were his uncle Owen Lars and his wife Beru Lars lived. He was taken there after the so called - Clone Wars to protect him from the so called - The Darkside of the force, because he would be the new hope to liberate the Darkside and bring peace back to the galaxy. He also have a sister who was taken to the planet Alderaan to live with senetor Bail Organa and his wife. Thier mother, former Queen of Naboo and former senetor Padmé Amidala who died in childbed after that she saw her husband Anakin Skywalker, father to Luke and Leia, he who was called The Chosen One, turned evil and had joined the Darkside with Darth Sidious and bought end to the democracy and freedom to the galaxy and the protectors of peace, the so called Jedis.

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