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The first owners were the Corell Industries Limited shipping firm, and possessed the ship for twelve years. In that time, the ship—that would be known in the future as the Falcon—earned a reputation as being both remarkably swift and stubbornly unreliable. A string of temporary monikers bore witness to these traits; Corell's Pride, Fickle Flyer and Meetyl's Misery. Eventually, CI Limited went bankrupt and in 48 BBY, the YT was sold to Kal and Dova Brigger. The siblings used the newly rechristened Hardwired for various and increasingly illicit cargo runs, making the most significant early modification to the ship: an upgraded hyperdrive. Cularin's Smuggler's Confederacy took notice, and after a broken deal, the Brigger siblings became targets of a bounty by Confederacy leader Nirama. Dova was executed, but Kal survived to give the ship a new handle, Wayward Son, and a place in Iaco Stark's Commercial Combine. Kal met his fate at the Fifth Battle of Qotile, devoured by Challat eaters.

Later owners consisted of Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.

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